Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program Expectations:

In order to be successful, a team effort is required. With each visit, you will be given steps to create a regimen fitting your lifestyle  and the changes desired along with program chosen. My intentions are not to deprive nor provide a temporary fix to a longstanding concern. Optimal health requires more than a bandaid. Each step will slowly change the approach and thinking you hold towards nutrition.The results will astound you as clothes fit better, moods enhance, symptoms disappear, medication requirements diminish and each day seems brighter than the one before. Compliance to the changes is key in making good choices a habit.

Daily, we face multiple decisions pertaining to our health. As you train your mind to choose the decision that will reap a positive outcome and future, it will become automatic. Your taste buds will not miss previous diets; yet will crave the newfound diet. Education empowers and brings understanding to why choosing now to take hold of your health will prevent negative consequences for your future.

Nutrition Counseling:

First Time We Meet-40 minutes, learn current lifestyle, become established, and set goals. We will work together to establish feasible interventions to reach set goals. Run BIA.

Subsequent visits-25 minutes, answer questions pertaining to any obstacles or concerns discovered along the way and alter interventions as needed. We will then navigate through some nutrition labels and understand ingredients listed. Any substitutions needed and recipe options will be given. Resources will continually be offered to take home and have on hand along the path.

Our Time Together-the visits remain in your hands. I am there to guide, teach and support. I will help with hardships, obstacles, weaknesses and see you to the lifestyle you desire. Visits will be 2 weeks apart to equal 3 total visits. Once you feel comfortable with the plan, we will extend visits to monthly.

Lipotropic Injections:

The formula includes natural ingredients which play an important role in the way our body processes fat. Amino acids plus nutrients used in the formula work together to prevent excess fat buildup in the liver, aid in metabolism of fats, helps reduce blood cholesterol and facilitates movement of fat into the cells to help utilize stored fat for energy. Results include weight loss, reduced fatigue and increased health of liver and kidneys.

hCG Injections:

Works to supress hunger.


Simple test to determine fat %, water weight, body mass index (determines level of health based on weight), and basic metabolic rate (amount of energy needed each day for organs to sustain life). A BIA combines multiple factors and numbers to provide a great guide through the journey to see progress.

For more information on how to build your own program, call the office today!

SUCCESS is the sum of small efforts REPEATED DAY IN AND DAY OUT