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Introducing Wise Acres Market & Cafe

January 29, 2013

Scientific Literature & Abstracts

Wise Acres Market & Cafe


Introducing Healthy Times Magazine

January 22, 2013

Scientific Literature & Abstracts

Link for Healthy Times Magazine


Good Looking Skin Begins With Good Nutrition

January 15, 2013

Scientific Literature & Abstracts

Skin Wrinkling: can food make a difference?

Purba MB et.al.


The Role of Phytonutrients in Skin Health

Evans JA, Johnson EJ


Nutritional approach to sun protection: a suggested complement to external strategies

Shapira N


What is the Mediterranean Diet?


Your grocery list for wrinkle-free skin  (from Nutrition & Healing Nov 2011)

                 Foods that accelerate                                              Foods that slow down
                     skin wrinkling                                                              skin wrinkling

                Sugar                                                                              Eggs                  Cherries

                Sugar sweetened fruit                                                   Beans                Melons

                Soft drinks                                                                     Spinach              Prunes

                Pastries                                                                         Eggplant             Apples

                Cakes                                                                            Asparagus           Pears

                Potatoes                                                                        Celery                Yogurt

                Processed meats                                                         Nuts                   Tea

                Milk                                                                                Olives                 Pure water


Compassion Services International (CSI)



Physical Therapy Weekend Warrier Woes (part 2)

January 8, 2013

Scientific Literature & Abstracts

16 Cardinal rules for snow shoveling


A Method to Help Reduce the Risk of Serious Knee Sprains Incurred in Alpine Skiing

Ettlinger CF et.al.


The Redesign of a Ski-Binding System to Reduce the Incidence and/or Grade of Knee Injuries

Vanderby R et.al.


Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries

January 1, 2013

Scientific Literature & Abstracts