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Sugar Controversy

July 31, 2012

Scientific Literature & Abstracts

Health cannot be bought, it has to be taught.  Once it is learned, it has to be earned

Sherry Rogers, MD 

Is Sugar Toxic? by Gary Taubes 


Sugar: The Bitter Truth’ and the Reframing of the Obesity Debate

by Matthew C. Nisbet 


Addictive Behavior/Reward Deficiency Syndrome

July 24, 2012

Scientific Literature & Abstracts

Attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder and reward deficiency syndrome 

Kenneth Blum, Amanda Lih-Chuan Chen, Eric R Braverman, David E Comings, Thomas JH Chen, Vanessa Arcuri, Seth H Blum, Bernard W Downs, Roger L Waite, Alison Notaro, Joel Lubar, Lonna Williams, Thomas J Prihoda, Tomas Palomo, and Marlene Oscar-Berman 


Todays health choices website 



Low Back Pain/Functional Approach

July 17, 2012

Scientific Literature & Abstracts

Low Back Pain: A Functional Approach

Jeremy Legge, DC


Univesity of Pittsburgh Medical Center Policy Letter 



Dermatomyostis/Food Sensitivity

July 10, 2012

Scientific Literature & Abstracts

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Live from Haiti

July 3, 2012

Scientific Literature & Abstracts

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