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Ten More Favorite Nutrients Part Two

November 29, 2011

Scientific Literature & Abstracts

Please see last weeks show for show notes.

Ten Favorite Nutrients

November 22, 2011

Scientific Literature & Abstracts

For the next two shows 11/22 and 11/29, the references are not individual abstracts or articles; there would be literally dozens.  Rather there are three books I am referring you to.  Those of you who are interested will find a wealth of information that is very well researched. Dr. Cobb

I have also referenced a website for Viatamin D because it is a special circumstance


"The New Superantioxidant--Plus"

 Richard Passwater
(Keats Publishing 1992)

 "The Real Vitamin & Mineral Book"  4th edition

ShariLieberman and Nancy Bruning
(Penguin Group 2007)

 "Vitamins: Hype or Hope?"

 by Pamela Smith
(Healthy Livig Books  2004)

Tension Headaches

November 15, 2011

Scientific Literature & Abstracts

Show notes coming soon!


November 8, 2011

Long-term aerobic exercise and omega-3 supplementation modulate osteoporosis through inflammatory mechanisms in post-menopausal women: a randomized, repeated measures study.

Tartibian B, Hajizadeh Maleki B, Kanaley J, Sadeghi K 


The offect of prior bisphosphonate therapy on the subsequent BMD and bone turnover response to strontium ranelate

J Bone Miner Res. 2010 Mar;25(3):455-62.
Middleton ET, Steel SA, Aye M, Doherty SM. 


The effect of prior bisphosphonate therapy on the subsequent therapeutic effects of strontium ranelate over 2 years

Osteoporos Int. 2011 Jan 28. [Epub ahead of print]
Middleton ET, Steel SA, Aye M, Doherty SM


Efficacy and safety of pharmacological agents in managing osteoporosis in the old old: review of the evidence 

Bone. 2009 May;44(5):744-51. Epub 2008 Dec 16.
Inderjeeth CA, Foo AC, Lai MM, Glendenning P.


Strontium ranelate: a new paradigm in the treatment of osteoporosis

Expert Opin Investig Drugs. 2004 Jul;13(7):857-64.
Reginster JY, Lecart MP, Deroisy R, Lousberg C.


Strontium ranelate: a novel treatment for postmenopausal osteoporosis: a review of safety and efficacy 

Clin Interv Aging. 2006;1(4):367-75.
Blake GM, Fogelman I.


Cost-effectiveness of strontium ranelate versus risedronate in the treatment of postmenopausal osteoporotic women aged over 75 years

Bone. 2010 Feb;46(2):440-6. Epub 2009 Aug 28.
Hiligsmann M, Bruyere O, Reginster JY.


Colas, but not other carbonated beverages, are associated with low bone mineral density in older women: The Framingham Osteoporosis Study1,2,3

Katherine L Tucker, Kyoko Morita, Ning Qiao, Marian T Hannan, L Adrienne Cupples and Douglas P Kiel  


The acid-base hypothesis: diet and bone in the Framingham Osteoporosis Study

Eur J Nutr. 2001 Oct;40(5):231-7.
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Severely suppressed bone turnover: a potential complication of alendronate therapy

Odvina CV, Zerwekh JE, Rao DS, Maalouf N, Gottschalk FA, Pak CY.


Osteonecrosis of the jaws associated with the use of bisphosphonates: a review of 63 cases

J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2004 May;62(5):527-34.
Ruggiero SL, Mehrotra B, Rosenberg TJ, Engroff SL.


Falls: Prevention & Consequences

November 1, 2011

Home check list for falls, prevention, & safety

Michael Del Re, DPT


A Brief overview of the current state of balance information

Michael Del Re, DPT