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Diabetes And Blood Sugar

September 20, 2011

Scientific Literature & Abstracts

The accord trial and control of blood glucose level in type 2 diabetes mellitus time to challenge conventional wisdom

Stephen Havas, MD, MPH, MS
Arch Intern Med. 2009;169(2):150-154 


Effectiveness of lifestyle interventions for individuals with severe obesity and type 2 diabetes

Jessica L. Unick, PHD; Daniel Beavers, PHD; John M. Jakicic, PHD; Abbas E. Kitabchi, PHD; MD; William C. Knowler, MD; DRPH; Thomas A. Wadden, PHD; Rena R. Wing, PHD 

Sugar Controversy

July 31, 2012

Scientific Literature & Abstracts

Health cannot be bought, it has to be taught.  Once it is learned, it has to be earned

Sherry Rogers, MD 

Is Sugar Toxic? by Gary Taubes 


Sugar: The Bitter Truth’ and the Reframing of the Obesity Debate

by Matthew C. Nisbet