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Ten Favorite Nutrients

November 22, 2011

Scientific Literature & Abstracts

For the next two shows 11/22 and 11/29, the references are not individual abstracts or articles; there would be literally dozens.  Rather there are three books I am referring you to.  Those of you who are interested will find a wealth of information that is very well researched. Dr. Cobb

I have also referenced a website for Viatamin D because it is a special circumstance


"The New Superantioxidant--Plus"

 Richard Passwater
(Keats Publishing 1992)

 "The Real Vitamin & Mineral Book"  4th edition

ShariLieberman and Nancy Bruning
(Penguin Group 2007)

 "Vitamins: Hype or Hope?"

 by Pamela Smith
(Healthy Livig Books  2004)

Ten More Favorite Nutrients Part Two

November 29, 2011

Scientific Literature & Abstracts

Please see last weeks show for show notes.

Vitamin E

March 27, 2012

Scientific Literature & Abstracts

Vitamin E: A New Perspective In Nutrition and Health by Andreas M. Papas, MSc, PhD


Wound Healing With Less Scarring: A Winning (Science-Based) Strategy


The Nutritional Sense of Supplementing with Vitamin E

Andreas M. Papas, PhD


The Vitamin E Factor

Andreas Papa, PhD

Website for Jim Capps and A.C. Grace Company; manufacturers of natural Vitamin E since 1962



August 28, 2012

Scientific Literature & Abstracts 

The Real Vitamin & Mineral Book, 4th ed

by Shari Lieberman, Ph.D., CNS, FACN and Nancy Bruning, MPH 

Vitamins: Hype or Hope?

by Pamela Wartian Smith, MD, MPH

Good Looking Skin Begins With Good Nutrition

January 15, 2013

Scientific Literature & Abstracts

Skin Wrinkling: can food make a difference?

Purba MB et.al.


The Role of Phytonutrients in Skin Health

Evans JA, Johnson EJ


Nutritional approach to sun protection: a suggested complement to external strategies

Shapira N


What is the Mediterranean Diet?


Your grocery list for wrinkle-free skin  (from Nutrition & Healing Nov 2011)

                 Foods that accelerate                                              Foods that slow down
                     skin wrinkling                                                              skin wrinkling

                Sugar                                                                              Eggs                  Cherries

                Sugar sweetened fruit                                                   Beans                Melons

                Soft drinks                                                                     Spinach              Prunes

                Pastries                                                                         Eggplant             Apples

                Cakes                                                                            Asparagus           Pears

                Potatoes                                                                        Celery                Yogurt

                Processed meats                                                         Nuts                   Tea

                Milk                                                                                Olives                 Pure water


Compassion Services International (CSI)



Introducing Wise Acres Market & Cafe

January 29, 2013

Scientific Literature & Abstracts

Wise Acres Market & Cafe


Inflammation: It's Not Only The Gluten

February 19, 2013

Scientific Literature & Abstracts

Link to website DeFlame.com


Health care for our bones: A practical nutritional approach to preventing osteoporosis

Seaman D


Link to website Eatwild.com


Link to Wise Acres Market & Café


Link to Wheat Belly blog by Dr. William Davis


Can an Increase in Celiac Disease Be Attributed to an Increase in the Gluten Content of Wheat as a Consequence of Wheat Breeding?

Kasarda D


The Joys & Dangers Of Taking Supplements

August 13, 2013

Scientific Literature & Abstracts

Supplement Shell Game: Matt Cahill

USA Today Investigation


Analytical accuracy and reliability of commonly used nutritional supplements in prostate disease

Feifer AH,  et.al.


Safety and Reliability of Lactobacillus Supplements in Seattle Washington (A Pilot Study)

Berman S, et.al.


Over 60 Billion Doses a Year and Not ONE Death, But Still Not Safe

Dr. Mercola


Incidence of adverse drug reactions in hospitalized patients

Lazarou, J,  et.al.