What Sets Us Apart

Who Are We?

The Spine & Neuromuscular Associates of SEI, PSC is a group of professionals who have come together under one roof, to serve your health care needs!  Our specialists have over 95 years of combined experience.  We provide a “One Stop Shop” approach to make your care more convenient, more efficient and less costly. Having all of your physicians in the same office allows for better communication and a variety of expertise to provide you with the best results possible.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Marcus Cobb is a Medical Physician who has been in Internal Medicine for over 20 years.  Dr. Cobb has achieved a Fellowship of Anti Aging, Functional & Regenerative Medicine, which allows him to take a wellness approach and treat with a holistic concept. Dr. Cobb will work with you and your primary care physician to help achieve your maximum health potential.

There are three Chiropractors in our practice, Dr Piche’, Dr Legge, and Dr Leiker, who each provide their unique approach to the musculoskeletal system and its effect on your health.  Our Chiropractors use evidence based procedures to get you moving, feeling and functioning better.  Each physician in our Chiropractic Team have formed professional relationships with many area physicians and surgeons, should your individual case require an outside “team” approach to serve your health care needs. We are members of The Christ Hospital Spine Institute and have a large network of Consulting Physicians to assist us in making the right decisions for your Health!

Our facility has a top notch Physical Therapy Department, directed by Dr. Michael Del Re, a Doctor of Physical Therapy. The Physical Therapy department works with your physicians and surgeons to not only address your problem, but rehabilitate it.  This will allow you to get back to functioning at the highest level you can achieve, as quickly as possible.

We Hope To See You Soon

All of our specialists and staff want to provide you with the most up to date, conservative and cost effective care possible.  Our goal is to work with all fields of health care professionals to achieve the best results for your care.  While we will address your specific issues you will also find every member of our team emphasizes healthy lifestyle choices such as good nutrition, exercise and stress reduction.  We want you to leave our office feeling optimistic about your condition and confident in your decision to trust your health care to the physicians at Spine and Neuromuscular Associates of SEI.