Professional Experience

Owner & Director of Momentum Physical Therapy

Co-Owner of Spine & Neuromuscular Associates SEI, PSC,

Director of Physical Therapy Operations, Spine and Neuromuscular Associates of SEI, PSC

PRN Therapist, St. Luke West
Hospital/YMCA Burlington KY

Lead Therapist, Go Kentucky Rehabilitation, Burlington KY, 2008

Director Physical Therapy Operations. People First Rehabilitation, Kinston and
Snow Hill NC

Trainer, HIT (High Intensity Training) Center, Huntington WV, 2001 -2002

Certiflcations and Training
Licensed Physical Therapist, North Carolina

Doctor of Physical Therapy, East Carolina University

Master of Physical Therapy, East Carolina University

Bachelor of Arts, Exercise Physiology, Marshall University

Momentum Physical Therapy

Michael Del Re, D.P.T.

Expert patient care. Specializing in the rehabilitation of sports, orthopedic, and balance disorders.

Michael Del Re, D.P.T.

Dr. Michael Del Re is certified by the State Boards of Kentucky and Indiana, and offers a unique blend of exercise training, balance/unstable surface training and high intensity training protocols.  He specializes in orthopedic rehabilitation, spine rehabilitation, and disorders affecting balance and gait.  He has had specialty training in fall prevention and manual therapy (including cranio-sacral therapy, muscle energy, and Graston like fascia release techniques) and has treated neurologic and orthopedic disorders ranging from fracture and joint rehabilitation to strokes and spinal cord injury.  Dr. Del Re minored in psychology and has a holistic approach to patient care and seeks to identify and systematically treat both primary and secondary impairments associated with injury.

Dr. Del Re earned his doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2007 and wrote his thesis on fall prevention.  This research has led to the development of the areas first fall prevention and balance practice at Spine and Neuromuscular Associates SEI PSC.  This is particularly helpful with patients suffering from neuropathies, movement disorders, and age related decline. 

Dr. Del Re’s program utilizes computer driven feedback tools in addition to traditional physical therapy modalities, in order to help patients attain their rehabilitation goals.  Areas specifically addressed  include trunk and postural strength, limits of stability and mass/body control.

Dr. Del Re has created and implements a wide variety exercise and manual techniques designed to comprehensively treat your problems.  It is his goal to make you feel better than before you started hurting.

He revitalized the Spine & Neuromuscular Associates Physical Therapy department.  Due to the surging demand Dr. Del Re founded Momentum Physical Therapy.  He was also a consultant with “The Finisher”, an upper body slide board that is gaining favor within the medical and exercise community.  He has appeared multiple times on the Dr. On Call radio show on Eagle 99.3, providing insight into orthopedic problems and giving advice on treatment.

Dr. Del Re has lived throughout the United States and comes from an Air Force family.  He earned his degree in Exercise Physiology from Marshall University and completed his Master’s and Doctoral degrees from East Carolina University.  His expertise is global.  He has worked with collegiate athletes, helping them to prepare for careers in professional sports and, since 2006, he has been engaged in community and hospital based practices delivering care to all segments of the population.

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